Ynanch-Vepa (YV)

Guljamal Nurmuhammedova

Ms. Guljamal Nurmuhammedova is head of “Ynanch-Vepa” – the non-profit analytical agency that proves itself as an efficient mechanism for strengthening the capacities of local organizations and the public of Turkmenistan bringing them to the world community via exchanging of knowledge and experience, establishing professional partnerships, informing on advanced techniques and introduction of world best practices. Prior to her occupation at “Ynanch-Vepa”-agency, Guljamal Nurmuhammedova gained profound experience while working for the governance and research institutions, non-governmental organizations and development projects funded by international agencies (UNDP, FAO, UNECE, EU, GTZ/GIZ).  Today, she uses this in-depth knowledge as an essential asset within cooperation/development programmes.

As Head of analytical agency, Ms. Nurmuhammedova is an active participant of national and regional dialogues focused on the most prominent issues (natural resource management & environment, democracy and civil society development). She is a member of the Working Group on Environment and Climate Change within the Framework of the EU Central Asia Environmental Cooperation. Her strong knowledge of national and regional strategies and policies, long term networking with leading expert community of Central Asia will contribute to a comprehensive overview of current and prospected cooperation in research on economic development, trade, natural resources and others.