Adam Balcer

Adam Balcer is a Program Manager in Foreign Policy and International Affairs Program at WiseEuropa Institute (Warsaw, Poland). He is a political scientist, expert in the area of Central-Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region and the Polish foreign policy. He works also as National Researcher at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and Lecturer at the Centre of East European Studies (SEW) at the University of Warsaw.

His interest in Central Asia stems from the fact he has already conducted research on Turkish and Crimean Tatar national identities, which often served as bridges between Europe and Central Asia. Therefore, he is particularly interested in researching social and cultural relations between Europe and Central Asia and their development throughout centuries. In the framework of SEnECA, Mr. Balcer will contribute in EU-CA relations in the field of political and security issues, national and business interests in the field of EU-CA economic relations and also in culture and identity issues in Central Asia.