Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA)

Julia Krebs

Julia Krebs is project officer at TEPSA – the Trans European Policy Studies Association. Before working for TEPSA, she was working for Stiftung Mercator, a large German private foundation, in the department of international affairs, mainly in a civil society project on Europe and Turkey. Apart from her main occucation, Julia Krebs is very interested in electoral processes and democratic engagement.  She is part of a project that sends young Europeans on election observation missions around Europe and is volunteering in an organization that encourages migrants to register for voting in local elections in Brussels.

Ms. Krebs is very excited to join SEnECA because the EU’s foreign affairs interest her very much. She hopes to learn more about Central Asia and also to make Central Asia more known in Europe through this project. Within the project, TEPSA is mainly involved in work package 3 – “Awareness-raising, dissemination and communication”. Together with her colleagues, she will be responsible for compiling the stakeholder analysis and will also be managing social media. Additionally, they will organize three SEnECA events in Brussels in 2019: a public photo exhibition on Central Asia, a consortium workshop and the final public conference.