Kyrgyz National University (KNU)

Prof. Dr. Nazira Momosheva

Prof. Dr. Nazira Momosheva is Associate Professor in the Faculty of History and Area Studies at the Kyrgyz National University after Jusup Balasagyn in Bishkek. Her main research interests include contemporary history and foreign policy of Kyrgyzstan and the relations between the EU and the Kyrgyz Republic. She took part in research programs in Russia, Japan and Kazakhstan. Previously she was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Justus-Liebig University Giessen and Senior Researcher in the multinational research project ‘Analyzing Patterns of Regional and Interregional Cooperation: Central Asia, its Neighboring Countries, and Europe’ (2012-2015), funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

As member of the SEnECAproject, she will contribute to the two background papers on the current state of affairs on Central Asia studies in Europe and the EU Studies in Central Asia.