Researcher Database

In order to reach SEnECA’s objective of establishing a sustainable, transdisciplinary research network which links European and Central Asian researchers, this publicly accessible SEnECA Research Database was established and will be updated on a regular basis. It provides access to researchers in order to facilitate scientific cooperation between both regions. Researchers as well as policy-makers, stakeholders and the interested public can find researchers from different disciplines working on a number of subjects related to EU-Central Asia relations.

To use the database, simply type in any keywords in the provided search boxes. The database will automatically start searching for related items. Alternatively, you can the database alphabetically, using the arrows in the top column to create an alphabetical order for each category.

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wdt_ID Academic Title First Name Last Name Email Address Discipline Research Focus Adresse I Adresse II
3 PhD Sultan Akimbekov Political Science Political and social developments in Eurasia Institute of World Economics and Politics
Makhatma Ghandi Street 10
50000 Almtay
+7 70 83 26
5 PhD Ashot S. Aleksanyan Political Science Civil society, social partnership Yerevan State University
Faculty of International Relations Department of Theory and History of Political Science
Chair of Theory and History of Political Science
Associate professor
Alex Manoogian 1
25 Yerevan
+374 60 71 00 379
7 Prof. Dr. Roy Allison Russian and Eurasian International Relations Foreign and security policies of Russia and Eurasia Oxford University
School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies
Bevington Road 12
OX2 6LH Oxford
United Kingdom
+44 01 865 274694
9 PhD Luca Anceschi Central Asian Studies Politics and international relations of post-Soviet Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan) University of Glasgow
Central & East European Studies
Senior Lecturer in Central Asian Studies
Lilybank gardens 8-9
G128RZ Glasgow
United Kingdom
+44 141 330 65 59
11 PhD Vugar Bayramov Economics Economics and fincance, state programs, anti-crisis programs Centre for Economic and Social Development
J. Jabbarli street 44
AZ1009 Baku
+994 594 3665
13 Jos Boonstra Contemporary History International Relations Eurasian and Transatlantic security issues, development policies, EU-Central Asia relations Centre for European Security Studies CESS Europe-Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) Coordinator of EUCAM Initiative Lutkenieuwstraat 31a 9712 AW Groningen Netherlands and +31 050 313 25 20
15 Miriam Börsting East Asian Studies Translation, politics, society University of Duisburg Essen Confucius Institute Confucius Institute Managing director Bismarckstrasse 120 47057 Duisburg Germany +49 203 306 3130
17 PhD Fabienne Bossuyt International Relations Conflict Management EU relations with the post-Soviet space, with Central Asia Ghent University Department of Political Sciences Researcher Universiteitstraat 8 9000 Gent Belgium +32 9 264 69 65
19 Assistant professor Daniele Brombal Asian and North African Studies Private and public interests in China, Chinese language and society Ca'Foscari University of Venice Department of Asian and North African Studies Assistant Professor Palazzo Vendramin, Dorsoduro 3462 30123 Venice Italy +39 41 234 9585
21 Prof. Dr. Flemming Christiansen Political Sociology of China social changes in China and their international dimension University of Duisburg Essen Department of Sociology Chair professor in Social sciences of East Asia Lotharstraße 65 Duisburg 47057 Germany +49 203 379 2150
Academic Title First Name Last Name Discipline Research Focus Adresse I Adresse II