4 и 5 апреля 2019 года в рамках проекта SEnECA в центре изобразительных искусств «BOZAR» в Брюсселе была организована двухдневная бесплатная фотовыставка. Выставка продемонстрировала красоты, культуру и традиции стран Центральной Азии, запечатлев повседневную жизнь населения данного региона, и подтолкнула своих посетителей к размышлениям о различиях и сходствах между Европой и Центральной Азией. Фотографии были отобраны в рамках международного фотоконкурса, в котором были представлены более 300 изображений.

Выставка сопровождалась двумя подиумными дискуссиями на тему сближения, культуры и образования. Более подробную информацию Вы найдете здесь.

Встреча с шестью победителями фотоконкурса SEnECA!

Победители Аловаддин, Бахриддин, Диана, Ирина, Катерина и Константин были награждены поездкой в Брюссель на открытие фотовыставки SEnECA. Помимо работ шести победителей на выставке были представлены фотографии следующих талантливых фотографов: Анастасия Гриадасова, Дидор Садуллоев, Ирис Оппелаар, Джонатан Кэмпион, Любомир Фреборт, Назгуль Султанова, Назира Кожанова, Пегги Лохсе, Сабир Тахирзаде, Тахмина Хакимова и Зое де Надаи.

Alovaddin Kalonov
Alovaddin Kalonov is a Tajikistan-born amateur photographer and lover of his country’s wild places. He takes much of his inspiration from the natural world, and though photography is not generally recognised and appreciated as an artistic discipline in Tajikistan, he nevertheless uses it as a tool for sharing his fascination with rarely seen aspects of Tajik culture. His enthusiastic desire to share his passion, and to show the pristine landscape and culture of Tajikistan, led him to the travel industry. When he gets an opportunity to leave the city’s confines, he gets his camera and strives to conquer the ranges so as to capture the moment when a glorious greeting of the sun kisses the mountains and beyond.
Diana Mindubaeva
Diana Mindubaeva was born and raised in Tashkent. She has a higher architectural education, but worked as an architect since a year ago. Before that, for a long time she worked as an actress in the theatre. She takes pictures since childhood. Her father had an old film camera "Zenith". She started actively taking pictures in 2014, when she got her first digital camera. From that day to this day she takes pictures. She takes pictures when she feels good and when she feels bad, when she’s bored and when she has fun... Her life motto: "Take pictures in any incomprehensible situation".
Katherine Koshko
Katherine is the well-known travel-blogger, professional photographer and active traveler from Kazakhstan. She is always somewhere enjoying every minute of her life: from surfing in Sri Lanka, snowmobiling in wild Kashmir, kayaking in Kyrgystan to skiing in the Alps to even hiking in Himalayas. She is more known by her Instagram name – “Katty on the road”. Indeed, she is ALWAYS on the road. Back to Kazakhstan she is co-founder of known Photosafari.kz, production studio and travel company, which develops unique active and photo tours through Central Asia and all over the world. All her energy and efforts aimed to promote her native land and inspire people to travel, love and take care of nature.
Bakhriddin Isamutdinov
Bakhriddin Isamutdinov is from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Photography is his hobby that he is enjoying since his school time. He is traveling a lot around the country for work, therefore the camera is always with him.
Irina Unruh
From German ancestors born in Kyrgyzstan, in a small village close to the capital Bishkek, Irina Unruh always kept intense memories of her childhood during the Soviet Union time. In 1988 at the age of 9 years her family immigrated to Germany. There she finished her school and university education. After university she went several times abroad and worked mostly as a German teacher in different countries. For five years she used to live and work in Rome until August 2018. There she began to expand her passion for photography and started to develop seriously in the field of documentary photography and participated in courses with well-known photojournalists, including Monika Bulaj. Over the time she returned regularly to Kyrgyzstan, to find out more about this fascinating and unknown country, with the eyes of an adult. Since 2015, Irina started to portray Kyrgyzstan photographically and to work on two long-term projects
Konstantin Kikvidze
Kikvidze is a professional photographer. An official NatGeo Qazaqstan photographer, he founded Photosafari.kz – the leader in travel and adventures in Kazakhstan. His mission is to inspire people to take care of the environment, and to promote the majesty of Kazakhstan's landscapes. He spends most of his time exploring the most beautiful places in Central Asia, and organizes unique photo tours. Konstantine is the winner of many prestigious photo contests.

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