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On this page you find several papers composed by the SEnECA consortium members within three different work packages. Please click on the links below to find the respective policy papers.

Work package 1: New Forms and Priorities for Scientific Cooperation

This work package is lead by the Institut fuer Europäische Politik in Berlin (IEP) and the Kyrgyz National University in Bishkek (KNU). The team researches the current state of affairs on Central Asian Studies in Europe and EU Studies in Central Asia. The output are two bakground papers that take into consideration mediating factors such as the political situation, differing degrees of internationalization in research and higher education systems as well as the lack of capacities to conduct international research projects in certain countries. Furthermore, the SEnECA Agenda for Future Research Cooperation was created within this work package.

Work package 2: Future Priorities for EU Policy-Making towards Central Asia

This work package is led by the Central Asia Institute for Strategic Studies in Almaty (CAISS) and by the Latvian Institute of International Affairs in Riga (LIIA). The aim of the work package is to develop the SEnECA Policy Roadmap for future priorities for EU policy-making towards Central Asia. This is done in a three-phase approach: Mapping (phase 1), Analysis (phase 2) and Recommendation (phase 3). For each phase, SEnECA publishes a series of policy papers, which outline the relevance of Central Asia for specific policy fields of the EU, the interconnectedness of both regions and Central Asian countries’ interests in cooperating with Europe.

Read and download the papers at the Work Package 2 page

All policy papers produced within this work package can be downloaded here.

Work Package 3: Awareness-raising, Dissemination and Communication

This work package is led by the Trans European Policy Studies Association in Brussels (TEPSA) and by the Centre international de formation européenne in Berlin (CIFE). The team works to raise Central Asia’s profile in Europe through a number of publications as well as various online and offline outreach activities and events in both regions. The main publication is the Stakeholder Analysis, which identifies relevant actors and promoters of Central Asia in Europe and suggests ways to engage them in SEnECA as well as in the broader communication strategy of the EU on Central Asia.

Read and download the Stakeholder Analysis and the Long-term Central Asia Communication Strategy here