SEnECA has come to an end in December 2019

SEnECA’s overall aim was to strengthen and energize the relations between the EU and Central Asia during its two-year-duration and beyond. To achieve this, the consortium, including all five Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) has established best practices for researching together in a multinational network and generated expert advice for implementing key aspects of the new 2019 EU Central Asia Strategy.

Furthermore, the project has identified ways to reach out to a wider public with events, workshops, conferences and via social media to disseminate the region and gather input for future cooperation. Besides that, SEnECA has connected stakeholders from the key audiences in politics, science and society, especially new connections between EU- and Central Asian researchers were forged.

Altogether a wide bandwidth for working on the future of EU – Central Asia relations regarding the areas of research, politics and society was created. In the end of December, the SEnECA project will end after two successful years, full of various events, fruitful discussions and many different publications. The whole consortiums wants to thank everyone who participated in the project and says goodbye – there will be new upcoming possibilities to work on and discuss about future EU – Central Asia relations!