EURASIAN INSIGHTS Conference in Ghent

Call for applications is now OPEN – closes on 20 October 2020

Past, current and upcoming dynamics in the Central Asian region, and their (possible) impacts for Europe

Held in Ghent (in Flanders, Belgium) from Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 March 2021, the purposes of the event are threefold:

Firstly, to bring together scholars, students, interested members of the public and policymakers working on or interested in the Central Asian region to interact and, as such, strengthen a network of Central Asia-related research and -education in Europe.

Secondly, to show, by examining its identities and historical roots, societal and political dynamics, external interactions, and economy and environment, that the Central Asian region is not merely a passive object in abstract geopolitics, but that it also has histories, societies, identities and aspirations of its own.

Thirdly, examine what (potential) effects and impacts of developments in Central Asia, a region situated right beyond Europe’s eastern rim, have on the EU and Europe in general (and vice-versa).

Central Asia is defined here as the five Central Asia successor states of the Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with Karakalpakstan), and the Chinese province of Xinjiang. However, participation to the event is certainly not limited to the audience of hardcore Central Asia specialists. We encourage cross-case thematic and comparative examinations and, thus, attendance and input by people who work or are interested in the field of EU studies, on Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Islamic world beyond Central Asia, China, …

The conference is interdisciplinary in the humanities (social and political sciences, history, anthropology, cultural and religious studies, social geography …).

Along with the ‘European handbook of Central Asian studies. History, politics and societies,’ which is going to be published in 2021 by ibidem-Verlag in Hannover, this conference is one of the key outcomes of the EISCAS consortium, It offers three days of keynote lectures, round tables and thematic panels.

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