Parviz Yusupov

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Parviz Yusupov is a Finance Manager and part of the Project Management Office at CSR Zerkalo, a Tajik public organization conducting sociological and marketing research. In May 1999, he completed his M.A. in Economy and Management at the Technological University of Tajikistan Khujand Branch.

Parviz has ample experience in the administrative and financial details and procedures of EU, USAID and MEDA projects. Parviz is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project on questions of financial and administrative nature, monitors the project’s progress and coordinates the financial reports and deliverables. The main motivation of Parvizfor participating in SEnECA is to strengthen the partnerships between the countries of the European Union and Central Asia.

Kahramon Bakaev

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Kahramon Bakaev is the Executive Director / Project Coordinator of CSR Zerkalo. He graduated with a M.B.A. degree from the Steinbeis University, Berlin, in 2015. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in developing research designs and instruments, conducting fieldwork, data processing and analysis of quantitative surveys. He has profound experience in projects implementation with international development agencies such as the World Bank, IFC, UNDP and other UN agencies, USAID and other organisations.

The main motivation of Mr. Karamon to participate in SEnECA is to contribute in strengthening and energizing EU and Central Asian relations.

Prof. Dr. Abdughani Mamadazimov

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Prof. Dr. Abdughani Mamadazimov is the Lead Researcher at CSR Zerkalo. As Professor at the Faculty of International Relations at the Tajik State University, he has strong interest in Central Asian relations and in political, economic and cultural exchange. Prof. Dr. Mamadazimov has graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University in political science with a focus on the political culture of CA countries. He started his career with teaching at the Far East Department of the University of World Economy and International Relations and worked later at the National Foundation of “Silk Road – Road of Consolidation”.  Next to his main profession, Dr. Mamadazimov assists students in pursuing their degrees, advising them on their final thesis projects.

The main motivation of Prof. Dr. Mamadazimov to participate in SEnECA is to contribute in strengthening and energizing EU and Central Asian relations. His responsibilities within the project are as following: mapping Central Asian Studies in Europe, mapping European Studies in Central Asia, cultural and other relations, contributing to a platform for exchange and communication for the SEnECA Research Network and the SEnECA Stakeholder Network, contributing as a task leader in researching economic relations, trade, development and natural resources.